About organization

The Regional Public Organization – “Center for the Unification and Support of the Moldovan Youth” is a non-profit and non-political organization.

The organization was established in 2017 by a group of young and active students from Republic of Moldova.

The main goal of the Organization is to unite and support the youth from the Republic of Moldova and young people of other countries who have Moldavian origin (kinship) and are permanent located in the territory of the Russian Federation for:

  • preservation of Moldovan national and cultural traditions, Moldovan cultural heritage and language;
  • unification and consolidation of Moldovan youth in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • assistance in implementation of social, creative, educational initiatives of Moldovan youth and students;

creating favorable conditions for the integration of Moldovan youth into the cultural life of Russian society;
raising the professional level of the members of the Organization through educational trainings and seminars;
promoting the strengthening of friendship, trust and mutual understanding among peoples;
maintaining and strengthening the moral foundations of the family and society;
to promote the improvement of the social standard of living, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the above-mentioned persons;
creating conditions for the participation of Moldovan sportsman in sport life of the Russian Federation and the participation of Russian sportsman in the sport life of the Republic of Moldova, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle among young people.

Main activities of the organization:

  • providing social, psychological and legal support to the above persons;
  • organization of scientific seminars, conferences, professional meetings, trainings aimed at improving the qualification and professional skills of participants;
  • cooperation with diplomatic missions, educational institutions, Russian and foreign NGOs, state structures of Moldova and the Russian Federation;
  • representation and protection of the common interests of the members of the Organization;
  • organization and holding of festivals, exhibitions, competitions and other cultural events aimed at preserving traditions and Moldovan culture.

Young people are considered to be the driving force of which the future of any country and society depends. In the 21st century, the Republic of Moldova, like other CIS countries, faces the problems of mass emigration of the young population from the country. In this regard, the role of diaspora in the life of the republic is growing every year.

Despite the fact that we are scattered around the world, we can benefit from this – we are able to exchange information and experience first-hand in various fields of activity, with the further use of this experience in Moldova.

According to official data, the majority of Moldovan citizens, namely 477949 thousand, are on the territory of the Russian Federation. Among them, young people, who annually enter the leading Russian universities, colleges or constantly work in Russia.

Our aim is to create a platform on the basis of which our fellow countrymen could maintain cultural ties with the Native land. We will be glad to see you among our members and we are sure that only together we can contribute to the development of our country – Republic of Moldova.

Bank requisites

РОО «Центр поддержки молдавской молодежи»

Полное название Региональная общественная организация «Центр содействия объединению и поддержки молдавской молодежи»
Сокращенное название РОО «Центр поддержки молдавской молодежи»
Юридический адрес Россия 115035, г. Москва, ул. набережная Космодамианская, дом 4/22, корпус А, помещение I ком. 6
ИНН 9705097654
КПП 770501001
ОГРН 1177700008298
Расчетный счет 40703-810-6-0000-0-000521
Наименование банка АО «Райффайзенбанк»
Адрес банка 129090, Москва, ул.Троицкая, д.17, стр. 1
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БИК 044525700
ОКПО 42943661
ОКВЭД 65.12
Директор Левшенков Владислав